Monday, October 13, 2008

Eric and Tina remodel apartment in Japan

Here is Eric and Tina's remodeling project in Japan. Their landlords said they could do anything they wanted, so they are busy remodeling everything. Eric took down a wall and Tina bought a cute little couch for their apartment.

I'm sure Eric hasn't really gone insane here... But maybe I'll email Tina, and make sure she's O.k. just in case.

Looks like Eric is taking after his Dad, handy with tools and all, I just don't remember Rob wearing towels around his face. Eric does that towel fit into your "I'm only wearing it if it comfortable" mentality?
Tina has the same look on her face that I often get... that "are you sure you know what your doing" look.


Justin Quinn said...


I love these pics of Eric and Tina! I need their e-mail address, do you have it? Also you need to come and see my house!


Snyder Family said...

I can't believe they are really living in Japan and Eric and Tina are remolding the place. Tina looks especially happy in the last picture. She is a real trooper.

Justin Quinn said...


I am in Star, reall close to Melissa and Lance. I got the curtains at Cost Plus, on sale, love them. It is exciting that they are coming home for Christmas! My address is 10763 West Snow Wolf Drive, Star, Id 93669, I also work from home now, so I am home all day! Come by and visit sometime.