Friday, August 14, 2009

Karl and Rachael's Wedding

Of course the big event this year was Karl and Rachael's wedding

Here's Hallie, one of the cute little flower girls.

Rachael did a beatiful job planning everything down to the last detail. We had a great time!!And are so happy to have Rachael join our family.

Here's our three handsome boys!

Karl with some of his groomsmen. I had so many of Karl's friends come up to me and tell me how much they appreciated Karl as a friend. Karl does have a way of making people feel important.

Christmas 2008

Hey, I'm blogging again!!! I finally got the internet back on my computer so now I can catch up on my blog. I'll just post a few pictures from the last few months, actually its been almost a year so I guess I'll start with Christmas of last year.

Karl and Rachael were endlessly entertaining us with their muscial talents!!

This was our first attempt in a long long time to cut down our own Christmas Tree. Our friends Lonnie and Karen let us go on their property in the mountains and find a tree. We got a beautiful tree and had a great time!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Eric and Tina remodel apartment in Japan

Here is Eric and Tina's remodeling project in Japan. Their landlords said they could do anything they wanted, so they are busy remodeling everything. Eric took down a wall and Tina bought a cute little couch for their apartment.

I'm sure Eric hasn't really gone insane here... But maybe I'll email Tina, and make sure she's O.k. just in case.

Looks like Eric is taking after his Dad, handy with tools and all, I just don't remember Rob wearing towels around his face. Eric does that towel fit into your "I'm only wearing it if it comfortable" mentality?
Tina has the same look on her face that I often get... that "are you sure you know what your doing" look.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

California Dreamin'

Everytime we cross the border into California and see the beautiful pinetrees, we just come alive!! Amazed at the beauty that this state holds. And usually we vow that we are going to move back here some day. Anyway, we were on our way to my parent's house in Oroville when we passed the turn off to Lake Tahoe, suddenly the idea of passing by that beautiful lake was too much for us and we turned around and spent two days there. I'm very glad that we did. We had a great time!!!
Now, not all of California is beautiful. And one day in Oroville was enough, so we decided to head to the coast. We spent 3 days in Mendocino. We climbed over more rocks and hiked the coastline. We visited a light house and went to glass beach and collected pieces of glass there that had been made smooth from the sand and water washing up on it. The glass is smooth and it just glistens in the sunshine. Hallie had more fun collecting pieces of glass. Our next favorite thing to hiking along the coast is eating. Mendocino has great places to eat. It's a small old logging town, the homes were built in the 1880's. The way the town is situated along the coast, is more then charming. On the way back to Oroville, we enjoyed the beautiful rolling hills of the wine country. We found this apple orhcard and little produce market. Of course we had to stop and get some apples and apple juice. Our family reunion was at Ron's house. Here's the guys playing volleyball in the pool.But the funnest thing is when the evening comes and we play games all night.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kaden's Blessing Day

Kaden was blessed yesterday. All of Dave's family was in town. Lynnette had everyone over to celebrate. It was all very nice. And it is always fun to see Julia and Jodie, and we got to meet Jamie.

The big one that almost got away!!

I don't know if Rob likes playing Wii or fishing best. All I know is he alternates between the two a lot. First he's upstairs playing Wii, then you look outside and he's fishing. Anyway, the other day he caught this fish and he was pretty excited about it. You decide whether you think its big enough to get excited about or not.

Uncle Brad is Super Cool!!

Jackson loves his Uncle Brad. He likes to follow him around and loves to play with his collection of mustang cars; but the real car is the best. So the other day when Brad was washing his mustang, he let Jackson help. Jackson was in car heaven. He was so upset when Lynnette wanted to leave and he had to stop washing the car.